Purple nails - for beginners made with Look by Bipa

Hi girls,
These days are so busy, I didn't really got the time to do a nice New Year's Eve, I know I promised I will but....  I came up with a really easy nail art, and a really fast one, it only takes a few minutes. Actually I got some polishes from Austria, I wanted to try them out, so I did something quick, easy and to see how those polishes are. 
I love the color, but I was dissapointed because of the really small brush and zero shine of the polish It is needed base coat + 2 coats of polish + top coat to get a nice result. So, I'm not quite in love with this one :(
I also have a golden liner from the same brand: Look by Bipa, I really don't have anything to complain about it, because it's super cool, fast drying, thin brush, it's OK.
So, I planned to try out the red polishes I got from Saori lately, I was dreaming of a beautiful red nail art for New Year's Eve, and guess what happend! This:
So, I will wear anyway red nails on New Year's Eve, short red nails, I'll share it with you next days :)
Until than, I wish you a Happy New Year, May this New Year bring newly found prosperity, love, happiness and delight in your life.. and a lots of inspirations for us, nail art lovers.


kory_nails said...

mijto modelul imi place si merge bine mov cu auriu vad..
deci vai ti-ai rupt o unghie..dar tot mari le ai:D
La multi ani!!Iti doresc multa sanatate si multe inspiratie in anul ce vine..pupici:*:*

Anonymous said...

E foarte frumoase unghile bravo nota 10

Taninhah said...

Happy New Year :)

latinonails said...

@kory_nails: La Multi Ani si tie, multa inspiratie la modele si tot ce iti doresti sa devina realitate in acest an :) Te pup
@Anonymus: Piti draga, multumesc de cuvinte frumoase, vezi sa fii atent la exprimare ca sa nu ajungi ca Vanghelie :P Te puuup
@Taninhah: Thank you honey, Happy New Year for you, too! :)

Saori said...

HAppy new year Honey and most beautiful things for you & your family :) Ouch for your nail but it is not broken too shortly so ouf ^^ You have again long nails XD Big hugs my sweetheart

la trousse a tichou said...

I will try this when my nail, will grow up !!

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