Stylish Blog Award from Andreea / Pinkangell

Hi girls,

I'm so happy, I got this gift from my dear friend Pinkangell, a girl with great nail art skills no matter if we're talking about natural nails, acrylic fake nails or UV gel nails. I'm sure you'll love her great videos, click here to enter her youtube channel and see her wonderful works.

 The rules of the award are:
1. Thank and lik the person who gave you the award.
2. Write 7 random facts about you.
3. Give this award to 15 other Bloggers and notify them about it!

So, 7 random facts about me:
1. I hate meat!
2. I'm in love with one stroke painting!
3. I love to read John Fowles, Thomas Hardy and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.- try them out!
4. I'm in love with all kind of cold shades like pink / purple / red / but I really dislike warm shades.
5. I love that old style music like Eric Clapton, Leonard Cohen, John Lee Hooker etc
6. I love movies, my favorites are: 7Pounds, The English Patient, Shuttered Island, Alice in Wonderland (with Johny Depp)
7. When I was a little girl I wanted to became a bus or a truck driver... LOOOL or astronaut .... anyway I wanted to drive some kind of a big vehicle :)

And now the girls, I wanna share this award with:
  1. Andayn - I'm totally in love with her color combination and the perfect, clean work she does, her beautiful photos. Check out her blog:
  2. Corina from Kory Nails - her perfect flowers and beautiful pictures are one of my favorites
  3. Saori from France she's a real doll with great nail art skills,
  4. Silvia with her cooking blog who inspired me to start blogging: I'm in love with the pictures she takes, the foods she made, and her qute little girl, I just can't take out of my mind :P
  5. Mada de la a brand new blogger, with beautiful natural nails and nice nail art. 
  6. All the other girls who reads my blog and loves nail art! :)

One stroke practicing

Hi girls,

I've been so busy lately but I find the time for some one stroke, and now I'm gonna share it with you.