Me on youtube :P

Hi girls,

Today I want to tell you about my youtube channel. It's been almost 1 year since I'm so called active on youtube, I've uploaded some nail art tutorials, really a few only (17 videos), and I'm entering my account about once a month. So, not much wasted time. What was the result?
I'm having:
  • almost 10 000 upload views,
  • more than 450 subscirbers,
  • one contest winner 3rd place,
  • almost 400 access from youtube to my blog.

This is less if I'm counting as a one year realization, but it's a lot if I'm thinking of the time I've invested and the effort I gave to that project.

I want to share with you a youtube video of mine, a slideshow with some of my earlier nail arts that I never made a tutorial of them, so I've only post the pictures of the ready nail arts. All of you guys, who are following my blog since some time, you will know all the designs, but for my brand new followers it will be probably something new.
Anyway, please feel yourself free to pick one of the nail art you like most and another one you think it's not quite nice, and tell me your motivation about it. That would be really helpful for me. 
 Want to know my opinion? I like most the white-pink french with rhinestones on stiletto nails starting at 1:30 because it's such a princess nailart, with lots of pink and rhinestones, and I love both of them :) I dislike the french nail art with some pink and black motives starting at 1:15, because those motives are so ugly, as I just can't stand them....i don't even know what they are LOL.. I'm even wondering, how was I able to do such an ugly thing :DD
So, I'm  really waiting for your comments, I hope we'll have fun with it :)
Thank you in advance! :) 


andayn said...

cel mai mult imi place cel cu trandafiri de la minutul 2.02 cam asa ceva, iar cel mai putin cel in care ai toate unghiile roz si ai pus foita dinaceia subtirein x si nu mai stiu ce pe acolo..

imi place :pt ca e destul de dificil de mine cel putin

nu-mi place pt ca : mi se pare banal si simplu..adica prea simplu :0

latinonails said...

Iti multumesc mult pt parerea ta. Nevorbind de faptul ca ma simt onorata de comentariul tau, pentru ca te consider una dintre cele mai bune in domeniu dintre toate blogerite de la noi din tara :) Parerea ta conteaza enorm. :)

diamants-d'ébènes said...

i will subscribe right now, on your youtube channels!!
thank again to share, with you.

latinonails said...

@diamants-d'ébènes: Thx honey, I subbed back to you. I'm waiting too see your videos on YT :) You got skills to share with the word, so let's do it! :) Kisses

andayn said...

eii nici chiar asa latinonails, ma faci sa rosesc, dar iti multumesc pt cv frumoase, oricum ai modele demne de toata lauda si aprecierea, sa o tii tot asa :)

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