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Hi girls,

I promised you a few weeks ago that I'll share with you my short red nails, but I was not happy with the photos I took, so I keep trying till I gave up... So this is the best I have, I want you to know that in reality it looks much more sparking and much more glamorous. 
I used that hot polish I got from Saori, so sexy, so elegant :)
As you can see, I changed my nails shape as well... I was so bored so I made them a little more rounded.
For the nail art I used some glamorous golden metallic stickers:
That's it for this time, take care girls
Kisses and hugs to all of you :)


Anonymous said...

sunt foaete frumoase unghiile pe care le faci bravo nota 10

Iza said...

Ircsikém, nagyon szépek a "rövid"(?)körmeid is, és igazán ragyogóak, szerintem, szépen fénylenek még így is, te kis maximalista! Puszi!

maRyya said...

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latinonails said...

Piti, mersi mult, te pup dulce :)
Izacskam, koszi a biztatast, de latom en a hibakat mindenfele maximalizmus nelkul, hidd el! :)

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